Fees Information


The APEAS Fees for the 2019/20 Examination Diet are as follows:

  • Registration – Candidates should register online via the APEAS website
    • Registration Fee – £330 (to be paid by 30th June 2019) (Registration fee only requires to be paid once)
  • Examination – Candidates are required to pass all three components of the APEAS Part 3 Examination to allow them to register with ARB
    • Examination Fee – £870 (to be paid by 30th September 2019)
  • Re-sit – Please see APEAS Resit policy to determine how many components you are due to sit.
    • Re-sit Examination Fee – 3 Components = £870; 2 Components = £742; 1 Component = £613 (to be paid by 30th September 2019)  
  • Deferment – If candidate wishes to defer sitting the Part 3 Examination until a later date, they should contact APEAS to discuss.
    • Deferment Fee –  If candidate had paid all fees and defers before 7th October 2019 then there will be no fee to pay at the time of sitting the Part 3 Examination. If examination fee has not been paid, then this will be due at the time of sitting the Part 3 Examination).  If candidate has paid all fees and defers after 7th October 2019, then a deferment fee of £435 will be due at the time of sitting the Part 3 Examination)
  • Refund – If you wish a refund of any fees paid, please contact APEAS
    • Refund Fees – Any refund made will incur an administration fee of £30

It has been agreed to allow candidates to pay fees in instalments if they wish – please contact APEAS office to discuss your options.

You can pay your fees either by cheque (made payable to APEAS Ltd); by online payment (see below); or by BACs transfer to the APEAS account (Name of bank: Royal Bank of Scotland; Sort Code: 83 20 32; Account Number: 00765370)

It is essential that any payments made are clearly identified by your APEAS Registration Number or your Name in order that they can be credited to the correct candidate.