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Latest News

RIAS Notes

The RIAS is happy to grant access to Practice Notes to Part 3 students and have arranged for the access to Practice Services to be granted to Part 3 students in the weeks leading up to their examination. To help the students, RIAS have decided to extend the access period by a few weeks so candidates can start using it about one month before.

Go to      Username: student      Password: 2018Success!

Please do not try to change the password as this would cut access to all other users

Online Submissions – Maximum upload

It has been agreed by the Examination Committee that the maximum upload for any component in the APEAS Part 3 Examination will be 40Mb.

Please therefore ensure that all components are submitted in pdf format and are no larger than 40Mb each.  Anything larger than this will not be accepted by the Turnitin system.

Further information on the process for submission of documents for the Part 3 Examination can be found here

Experience Based Analysis (EBA) – Update on guidance

It has been agreed by the Examination Committee that the Experience Based Analysis submission should contain between 6000 and 8000 words (not including bibliography, references and appendices) and that it should be stressed to candidates that submissions outwith these parameters would not be looked upon favourably by examiners.

It should also be stressed that appendices and images should only be included where these are relevant to the content of the EBA.

Examiners prefer candidates to avoid the use of abbreviations / acronyms – please write in full

A Note on thematic EBAs
Additional information on thematic EBAs can be found on the Candidate page of this website
APEAS Updates for the 2018/19 Examination Diet
Updated feesdates and the Guide for Candidates now available
Examination Regulations and Code of Conduct
The examination regulations and code of conduct can be found on the Policies and Procedures page of this website

Online Registration Details

Please ensure that you have completed all information requested for online registration, including the uploading of a current photograph.  Please also check that you have correctly inserted your date of birth

Changes to Resit Policy

Our Examination Committee have now agreed some amendments to our resit policy:

A candidate must pass all three components in the APEAS Part 3 Examination in order to successfully pass the Part 3 Examination in Professional Practice and Management.

A candidate who passes one or two components of the APEAS Part 3 Examination will have two further opportunities to pass the failed component or components within three years of first passing a component.

If the candidate does not pass the failed component or components within this timescale he/she will be required to re-sit all three components

Candidates who passed one or two components pre 2011

Our Examination Committee have now agreed to put forward to the Board that the amendments to our resit policy should also be applicable to pre 2011 candidates.  If these amendments are agreed by the Board, then 2018/19 will be the last year in which it will be possible for these candidates to only resit the components they failed, and from 2019/20 onwards will require to resit all three components.