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Are you a Employment Mentor?

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We hope you will find our new Q&A document useful – please view here.

The role carries a number of important duties and responsibilities.  However, without doubt, the most important responsibility you have to your candidate is the professional and moral one you have to ensure that he/she has access to a wide range of high quality professional experience opportunities.

Please go to the question ‘How does the APEAS Examination process work?’ in the Questions and Answers section below for a description of the way in which the APEAS Part 3 Examination process works.

To help you in your role as an Employment Mentor, APEAS has produced a Guidance Note which you can download here.  (Please note that there have been some important changes to the Part 3 Examination process which are detailed in this Guidance Note)

The new professional criteria at part 3 can be downloaded here

Once you have read the guidance note, if you still have questions regarding your role, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Examination Regulations and Code of Conduct can be found here

If you would like to look at some previous Practice Papers, you will find these by clicking here.