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Online Submissions – Maximum upload – It has been agreed by the Examination Committee that the maximum upload for any component in the APEAS Part 3 Examination will be 40Mb.  Please therefore ensure that all components are submitted in pdf format and are no larger than 40Mb each.  Anything larger than this will not be accepted by the Turnitin system.  Further information on the process for submission of documents for the Part 3 Examination can be found here

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An extension of time for receipt of the documentary submission by APEAS will only be granted in very special circumstances.  Please see our Extension of Time – Fit to Sit Policy

Please read this note for some Guidance on Good and Bad Practice when sitting the Part 3 Examination

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The APEAS Examination Committee has developed a form to record PEDR sheet signatures which you can download here.  You may find this useful in summarising PEDR information for submission with your Experience component for the Part 3 examination

The Procedure and Checklist for a candidate pursuing a non-directly supervised professional experience route can be found here.

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